Largest Selection of Diamonds Grown in Lab

Lab-grown, man-made, lab-created, or engineered diamonds are diamonds that are developed in carefully controlled laboratory settings using sophisticated technology to mimic the circumstances under which natural diamonds are generated beneath the Earth’s crust.

lab grown diamonds created in laboratories have the same chemical makeup as genuine diamonds, which might be interesting to people looking for a decision that would help their budget. In this case, this might be a more economical option for them. The qualities of lab-grown diamonds are equal to those of natural diamonds, and they are graded using the same standards for color and quality. Similarly, lab-grown diamonds are graded.

We have as our goal creating a jewelry company that is more ethical, transparent, and sustainable than it is now. Because Brilliant Earth ensures that every lab-grown diamond it creates is Beyond Conflict FreeTM, our organization advances and our mission is furthered.

Looking for a lab-grown diamond that is as unique as you are? Start by looking through our forms. This will enable you select the ideal diamond for your requirements.

Among the various shapes that come into this category are round, oval, cushion, marquise, pear, emerald-cut, radiant, asscher, princess, and many more. You will have to confirm in the next stage that the lab-grown diamonds you are thinking about buying have carat, color, clarity, and cut grades that meet the criteria you have set. Using our state-of-the-art technologies, you can easily compare, contrast, and choose lab-grown diamonds to find the best fit for you. This will help you to choose the diamond that will suit you the best.

Australian Broome south sea pearls

A further natural treasure found in the tropical waters off the northwest coast of Australia are stunning South Sea pearls. Sizes of pearls collected in the warm waters around Broome have never been seen before, and their stunning luster is unmatched elsewhere on Earth. The most beautiful Australian broome pearls are on show in unique contemporary designs that highlight their natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking for a traditional pearl necklace or a set of diamond and pearl earrings, this collection of modern, sophisticated pieces honors the inherent beauty of pearls. Our commitment to provide clients pearls of the best quality and most distinctive character makes us the preferred pearl store in Broome, Perth, and throughout Australia.


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